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Cracker Jack Cookies Recipe

Cracker Jack Cookies

Cracker Jack Cookies are full of the flavors from a classic childhood treat – Cracker Jacks! You can even make the cracker jacks at home in minutes!

All the Classic Christmas Cookie Recipes in one place!

Next week is Halloween and most people are thinking about candy and costumes. Since my kids are older and don’t dress up anymore or go trick-or-treating, I’m not as focused on Halloween as I used to be. Since it’s never really been one of my favorite holidays to decorate or […]

Oatmeal Nutters

Mmmmm, nutter butters. One of my favorite childhood treats. I love anything peanut butter but those crunchy pb cookies with pb filling could entice me to eat an entire package in a sitting and only feel mildly guilty. When I bought the beautiful Bouchon Bakery Cookbook and saw a recipe […]