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Lingonberry Curd and Whipped Filling for Doughnuts

I’m sick. Everyone in my house is sick. It’s been over a week and it just seems to be getting worse. I know we’ll get over it but, man, I’m sick of being sick! But even though I feel horrible and can’t breathe at all ( I have asthma and […]

Portuguese Serradura

This blog is, first and foremost, about baking. Sharing recipes for all of my favorite treats and exploring flavors and textures and creating tasty and pretty baked goods. But this blog is also about exploring cultures from around the world. That’s the ‘global’ part of Global Bakes. A lot of […]

Irish Apple Cake with Jameson’s Whiskey Crème Anglaise

Yesterday was Saint Patrick’s Day. Need I say more?? OK, I’ll say just a little bit more. I didn’t have much time this week to bake since Saint Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, I usually prepare a traditional Irish Dinner with a yummy traditional dessert. But I […]