Food Blogger Pro Review

Food Blogger Pro Review – Is it worth it? | Updated Post!

As a new blogger, I needed help. So I joined Food Blogger Pro. Is Food Blogger Pro worth it? Read on for my full and honest review of the Food Blogger Pro subscription and content!

Food Blogger Pro subscription review

I started Global Bakes about four years ago as a place to consolidate my recipes and share my love of baking. There was no marketing, no monetization, and not a care in the world as to the quality of the photography. My blog was a hobby and nothing more.

SEO? What’s that?

Brand collaborations? Is that a real thing??

I had no idea that blogging for money was even a thing or that I would love it as much as I do now!

Why did I join Food Blogger Pro?

The last two years have brought more changes than I can even begin to explain. One of the major changes is that I left my job of 20 years in early 2018. We have never been a one-income household and can’t really afford to be one now.

But my husband knew that I was miserable in a job that I had been stuck in for years. It was affecting every area of our lives and we needed a change. Luckily, not long after leaving my job, I found out that I was cast to be on the Great American Baking Show. We were thrilled and excited and full of hope for what was in store!

Unfortunately, I didn’t win the show. But even if I had, the show is not quite popular enough in the US to make any of us successful in the world of food overnight. To be clear, I didn’t apply for the show for prestige or publicity. I applied because I love a challenge and this was the ultimate. No cash prize or stardom – just an absolute love of baking and my own determination to be my best!

It was obvious that the show was not going to turn my blog into an instant success. But it was also obvious that I needed an income. Going back to IT management is not an option that I’m willing to even think about so I decided to put my all into my blog, recipe development, and teaching and inspiring others to get into the kitchen.

Honest Food Blogger Pro review

Is Food Blogger Pro for Beginners?

It was time to get serious! The problem was, I was not sure where to start. I needed help to understand monetization, social media marketing, SEO, food photography, and on and on. There are so many hats to wear as a food blogger and it can be so overwhelming!

This is where Food Blogger Pro came in. I waffled back and forth about joining at first. Food Blogger Pro is a subscription site with resources for food bloggers. The site was founded by Bjork and Lindsey Ostrum who run the wildly successful blog Pinch of Yum.

When I originally joined Food Blogger Pro, there were two options for the subscription, either a $35 monthly option or a yearly subscription for $350. They have now changed to only yearly memberships for $350.

Since I had no income but still had all the bills that come with normal life, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to drop $350 without knowing if the subscription was worth it. I opted for the monthly subscription since there is no obligation and you could cancel at any time. They still have a 60-day money-back guarantee so I felt like I had nothing to lose!

Their The Food Blogger Starter Kit is free and a great place to start if you are unsure!

Honest review of Food Blogger Pro

What is included in a Food Blogger Pro membership?

Food Blogger Pro has courses, tools, a podcast, a blog, and a community with endless information. I combed the site for the first month, attempting to take it all in. I took notes and implemented their tips and strategies everywhere that I could.

Honestly, there is so much information that at first I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. So I decided to start with their ‘Getting Starting’ course. This course is definitely targeting the beginning blogger and wasn’t as beneficial to me since I already had a domain, hosting service, etc. But it is valuable content nonetheless, especially for brand new bloggers.

Once you start to dig in, you will find that the information is broken into easily digestible chunks. I love the videos and worked my way through all of them.

These are just a few of the areas that are covered in-depth on Food Blogger Pro:

  • How to Start a Blog from the very beginning
  • Using Social Media to increase traffic
  • Search Engine Optimization – what is it and to implement it in your posts
  • Food Photography
  • Which plugins to use
  • Starting an email list
  • Harnessing the power of Pinterest
  • How to negotiate Brand Partnerships
  • How to monetize your Blog, including ads, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing
  • Updating old content

Food Blogger Pro is loaded with well-thought-out lessons, with videos, to teach you how to be a successful food blogger! I honestly think that EVERY blogger, no matter what niche, can benefit from the wealth of knowledge that Bjork and Lindsey share!

Even non-members can access the Food Blogger Pro blog and the Food Blogger Pro podcast and I highly recommend both!

Constantly updated material

One thing that I really love about Food Blogger Pro is that you will get an email every Friday with a ‘what’s new’ list of resources, courses, and posts. This helps separate the older content from the recently added advice. I had no idea that things like social media algorithms and analytics could change so often when I started blogging so it is nice that they highlight the newest information in this way.

To get started with some of their tools, download their free ebooks 10 Mistakes Bloggers Make or Number 1 Thing.

I am still processing all of the information but I have to say that I am impressed so far. It is more than worth the investment and I am looking forward to the future content that is added weekly.

Implementing the strategies that I have learned from Food Blogger Pro has increased my traffic and, even better, my understanding of what I need to do to succeed. By buckling down and seriously applying the lessons, my blog has grown by leaps and bounds!

If you would like to try Food Blogger Pro, CLICK HERE to sign up and then come back and let me know what you think!

Is Food Blogger Pro for experienced bloggers?

If you are Food Blogger that is making several thousand dollars a month and you are happy where you are and the direction that your blog is going, then Food Blogger Pro is probably not for you. You more than likely understand things like SEO, food photography, and networking on social media sites.

But if you are struggling to understand certain aspects of blogging, Food Blogger Pro can help you. Even experienced bloggers need help, especially when algorithms are updated, affecting your site’s traffic.

The community inside the Food Blogger Pro site is another bonus that is worth the subscription fee! Meeting other food bloggers, gathering ideas and feedback, and feeling like a part of a group that understands your struggles is invaluable!

Honest Bloggers Review of Food Blogger Pro


If you have a food blog, whether it is new or established, I think that you can learn A LOT from Food Blogger Pro! I have drastically increased my traffic, improved my food photography, tackled recipe videos (previously my biggest fear!), finally figured out SEO, and have successfully monetized my blog to enable me to continue blogging full-time.

All of this happened because of Food Blogger Pro. And I will be eternally grateful to Bjork and Lindsey for sharing their knowledge and experience!

If you have specific questions about Food Blogger Pro, leave them in the comments below and I will answer them all ASAP!

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