Instagram Highlight Covers

Custom Instagram Highlight Covers for Bakers

If you are ready to take your Instagram Profile to the next level, download these FREE Instagram highlight covers. You can use them as-is or use the link to take you to Canva and then customize them to fit your brand or preferences!

I have not been spending much time on social media lately. I also haven’t had much time for baking, recipe development, or blogging.

But now that I have been away from Global Bakes for a bit, I am longing to come back!

First, I plan to clean up my profiles on social media and these Instagram Highlight Covers will help so much with that!

I am making several different styles to decide which I like best. But I wanted to share the ones that I have created so far.

I hope you enjoy these and can use them in your profile! As I complete more designs, I will add them here so make sure to follow Global Bakes and sign up for my newsletter!

Instagram Highlight Covers for Bakers

If you like the covers exactly the way they are, you can download them!

Download the Zip File Here:


The zip file above will need to be unzipped so make sure you download it on a computer if you want to save it. Otherwise, most phones will allow you to open and unzip a file ad use the contents to upload to Instagram.

If you need any help making this happen, please let me know and I will help if I can!

If you would like to make changes, you can edit the covers in Canva!

To edit the files to your hearts’ content, click the link below, then click ‘use template’. You do not need to have a Canva account or sign in unless you want to.

I am NOT using affiliate links – I am just sharing because I love Canva and all that you can do with it!

FREE Instagram Highlight Covers for Bakers

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Leave a comment below if you have a special color scheme or design that you would like to see!

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