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World Whisky Day and a Comedy of Errors

I couldn’t let World Whisky Day go by without a little celebration with my favorite whisky co-drinker, my husband Jamie! You might spell it World Whiskey Day – with an ‘e’ – but I usually chose the Scottish spelling, with no ‘e’.

Glenfarclas Distillery in Scotland
Glenfarclas Distillery, Ballindalloch, Banffshire, Scotland
Glenfarclas Distillery, Ballindalloch, Banffshire, Scotland
Glenfarclas Distillery, Ballindalloch, Banffshire, Scotland

When is World Whisky Day?

I found out on the morning of Saturday, May 16th, 2020, that it was World Whiskey Day from a comment on Instagram by @whiskyauctions . I don’t know how this Day hasn’t been on my calendar for my entire life. Whisky (or whiskey) is something to celebrate!

Mark your calendar now to celebrate World Whisky Day on the third Saturday of May every year.

I asked my husband if he wanted to do a live video on Youtube with me where we would do a quick tasting of some of our favorite whisky’s and then we could each make our favorite cocktail. He said yes, of course! I’m not sure if he jumped at the chance because he would be spending time with me or if it was the Scotch Whisky.

I’m just going to assume that it was spending time with me. But I may be wrong. I’m gonna’ let it be a mystery.

Fettercairn Distillery in Fettercairn, Laurencekirk, Scotland

Time for a Whisky Tasting for World Whisky Day

Just before it was time to go live, I got out all of our different Whisky’s from the cabinet, a few glasses, and set up my phone to record.

This is where the comedy of errors began.

Neither of us knew that you have to have 1000 subscribers before you can do a live stream on Youtube from a mobile device.

Well, we quickly moved to my laptop because I had posted on social media that we would start at 6 pm. I hate being late so we set up and tried to go live from the laptop.

And that wouldn’t work either. Apparently, there are apps and settings and software, etc. that we didn’t know was required.

We decided to just record the video as quickly as possible and I could post it to youtube as soon as we finished. The laptop was already set up so we opened up the camera, I hit record, the button went red and we started talking and drinking.

We talked and drank for 45 minutes. (We really didn’t drink that much, I promise!) As we went to grab the video to upload it, there was no video. Something went wrong with the video app and NONE of the 45 minutes was recorded.


I knew my husband didn’t want to redo the whole video so I told him that I would just do it by myself. He could go relax with a glass of Scotch. Lucky for me, he is the sweetest person ever and he agreed to do it with me all over again.

This time we used my phone, which I have filmed with before. This will be a piece of cake, right?

Take One was a dress rehearsal. We knew what to say and what we could cut and we decided it was a good thing to do it again. A 45-minute video of us chatting and drinking would have been too long anyway.

The first 6 minutes went perfectly. We found our stride and were talking about our favorite locally produced whiskey, Pecan Pie Whiskey from Stumpys’s when the phone stopped recording and shut down.

The memory on my phone was full. Crap.

At least this time we knew it right away so we didn’t waste any time. We grabbed my husband’s phone and picked up where we left off.

This was a comedy of errors and I am glad we had whisky so we could just laugh it off!!

After all of this, we still ended up with a video. Please watch…just to make me feel like it was all worth it! Then leave me a comment and let me know what your favorite kind of Whisky is!

My favorite resource for Whisky

The Whisky Exchange is quite simply one of my favorite resources for Scotch Whisky, especially when I am not able to travel to Scotland and purchase directly from the distilleries.

There are quite a few restrictions on imported Whisky and some states in the US don’t allow The Whisky Exchange to ship within their borders at all. But, for the most part, shipping is possible and, if you are craving a favorite dram, you can get it on their site!

I highly recommend Glayva if you are interested in Whisky Liqueur. It is similar to Drambuie, which is available all over the US, but Glayva has a bit more citrus in it. I simply must have both Glayva and Drambuie in my house at all times for cocktails, desserts, or just a dram on its own.

The Whisky Exchange can even engrave a message on a bottle for you or design a custom label! That would be an amazing gift for any whisky lover! They have shirts, memorabilia, books, and even small sample bottles so you can try and enjoy a huge variety!

So that was worth it, right?! I know this video and post has nothing to do with baking but I hope you enjoyed it anyway.

Recipes using Whisky (or Whiskey)

Check out the recipe for my favorite cocktail using Scotch Whisky here:

Whisky Mushroom Crostini

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