Great American Baking Show Spice Week

Advice for someone who wants to bake in THE TENT!

A video with some advice for anyone who wants to bake in the tent or just wants to be a better baker.

Since being on the Great American Baking Show, I have had so many people ask “What is it like to bake in the Tent?” and “What advice do you have for someone who wants to apply for next season?” and a million other questions.

Then I was asked by the admin of a facebook group that I am in to do a short video with some advice and comments on my time in the tent. I was so honored to be asked to share my experience. I could talk FOREVER about my days in the magical tent but I tried to keep the video short.

I’m sure there are a lot of other questions that I didn’t even come close to answering. Please leave a comment or ask a question below or on YouTube and I will do my best to answer all of them!

You can read my recaps of Episode 1 HERE.

Episode 2 HERE.

Episode 3 HERE.

Episode 4 HERE.

Episode 5 HERE.

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  1. Great minds blog alike… 😉 I am publishing mine tomorrow, actually, in a few hours… decided it was a good idea to add to the blog, since that Facebook group is not open to the public

    • I figured the info was good to share with everyone! Can’t wait to read your post and watch your video…again!!

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